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State Patrol: Increased trooper presence leads to hundreds of arrests, 128 gun seizures

Ramped up patrols over two weekends lead to 1,500 traffic stops.

ST PAUL, Minn. — Minnesota Governor Tim Walz and top state law enforcement officials are continuing their fight to end gun violence. Walz is advocating for millions of dollars to go towards state agencies to help combat the rise in violent crimes.

The State Patrol and Bureau of Criminal Apprehension demonstrated how more funding can help keep Minnesotans safe with an operation these past two weekends that led to hundreds of arrests. 

"In-addition to making the primary traffic stop which is for traffic safety, we are getting collateral offenses," Commissioner of the Department of Public Safety John Harrington said.

The State Patrol increased their trooper presence across the metro over the last two weekends and it lead to:

  • 1,500 traffic stops

The BCA has been vamping up their efforts to combat crime too. Since springtime, they have accomplished: 

  • 128 illegal guns seized 
  • 4,000+ illegal pills seized
  • 45 DUI arrests 
  • 200 felony arrests 

The BCA is concerned with a trend of finding more ammunition in the hands of people illegally. They said they're finding sometimes up to thousands of rounds that are being seized. 

"Challenge anyone to make the case that you need this for deer hunting or that you need a hundred rounds. You are a damn poor shot if you need 100 rounds too shoot something," Walz said.

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