HASTINGS, Minn. -- The fate of Roger Holland is now being debated by a Dakota County jury as they have to decide if they believe Holland murdered his pregnant wife, Margorie Holland, last March.

Roger Holland is being charged with murder in both the first and second degree of both his wife and their unborn child.

In a two week trial Dakota County Prosecutor Phil Prokopowicz called more than 20 witnesses to build his case alleging Holland killed his wife because she had found out he had lied to her repeatedly about his employment and their debt.

Prokopowicz said the couple was carrying 160-thousand dollars in debt at the time of Margorie's murder and that she didn't know about it.

He told the jury in court that Margorie had found out and told Roger she was leaving him the night before the murder.

He also provided text messages from Margorie's phone to Roger's phone that said "the only thing she could do was divorce him."

There were also data searches found on Roger Holland's laptop about the possibility of a person breaking her neck from a fall down the stairs.

The medical examiner said Margorie Holland died from strangulation.

Roger Holland said his wife was alive and well on March 7 when he left the apartment for 20 minutes to grab food for her.

He said when he returned he found her unresponsive at the bottom of the stairs, contending she must have fallen.

Holland took the stand in his own defense last week and admitted to lying to his wife about his employment.

In terms of the text messages he said his wife could be very hot and cold and that she also sent loving texts as well.

Roger and Margorie Holland were both Veterans of the Texas National Guard.

If convicted of murder in the first degree Roger Holland could get life in prison without parole.