Police in Hutchinson are giving residents a heads-up following an attempted  phone scam involving an alleged kidnapping. 

On the city's website Hutchinson Police detailed how they received a call from a parent in the community reporting that he had received a phone call from a young female who was crying and claimed to be his daughter. The woman said was was abducted, tied up and place in the trunk of a car.

At that point a man jumped on the phone and told the resident that he had kidnapped his daughter from in front of a Walmart, and demanded that the father go to Western Union to send ransom money. 

The Hutchinson man called police as the phone conversation was unfolding, and while they took the report seriously investigators immediately became suspicious it was a scam due to the Western Union demand. The phone number was traced to Mexico, and the resident soon learned his daughter was safe at school during the entire incident. 

Police remind residents not to take chances and immediately report any calls claiming a loved one is in danger and demanding money for their safe return. Anyone who receives a similar call or has questions about the scam is asked to contact Hutchinson at 320-587-2242