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New warrants in Idd's case reveal car search and investigation of possible link to brother's case

BCA found high capacity pistol and ammo in a backpack in car, as well as spent 45-caliber cartridge and pistol in driver's side.

MINNEAPOLIS — After the exchange of gunfire between Minneapolis Police and Dolal Idd that left him dead, the BCA searched the White Chevy Cobalt that Idd was driving.

The owner of the car was the female passenger who identified herself as Idd's girlfriend.

A search warrant reveals investigators found six bullets and seven bullet fragments that were fired into the car.

A handgun was near Idd's body and a spent 45 caliber cartridge on the driver's side floor.

And they found a backpack on the passenger side that had ammunition and "Leinad PM-11 high capacity pistol." The BCA calls it "a MAC-10 class pistol," which is what MPD officers set up to buy in the sting.

Idd was ordered by a judge not to have firearms after a prior conviction.

Another search warrant shows Bloomington Police are investigating Idd's phone to see if he had any connection to a murder allegedly committed by his brother.

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Mohamed Idd is charged with killing a man he knew inside his Bloomington apartment on November 30th.

According to the search warrant, the shooting happened at 5:30 a.m., and three hours earlier at 2:30 a.m., surveillance video shows Dolal Idd trying to get inside the building texting and taking photographs. 

Bloomington PD is now searching Dolal Idd's phone for calls, texts, and location data to learn where he was prior to, during and after the homicide, plus to identify and unknown man he was with.

Bloomington police did not comment today about their search.

Dolal Idd's family did not return a request for comment but earlier this month told the Star Tribune that Dolal was not close with Mohamed.

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