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Police: Man accidentally shoots own leg, blames someone else

Police say a Wyoming, Minn. man claimed he was shot in the leg by an assailant...but it was all a lie.
Credit: JUN2 / Thinkstock

WYOMING, Minn. — Authorities say a 20-year-old Wyoming man suffered a self-inflicted gunshot wound on Thursday after he accidentally discharged his pistol, before lying about the whole ordeal to police.  

Officers originally received a call from the man, claiming an assailant had shot him in the leg.

Wyoming police say the man indeed had suffered a gunshot wound to the leg, but something didn't add up. 

It was eventually learned the man had accidentally fired a round into his own leg while unloading his handgun, according to a Facebook post by Wyoming police.

Police say the man, in a panic, tossed the gun into a nearby swamp and fabricated a story that he had been fired upon by another individual. 

As a result, the man was arrested on gross misdemeanor charges.

A retired firefighter and dive professional (pictured above) assisted Wyoming police in locating the tossed firearm with the aid of commercial grade magnets.

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