DELANO, Minn. - The story of the kidnapped dog held for ransom then killed after the owners delivered the money is circulating around the country.

"Nancy Grace did a segment. We saw Newsweek picked up on it as well," said Jason Davis of Delano.

But he and his wife Shanna still don't have the answer they're looking for: Who shot and killed their golden lab named Lou?

In December, after the dog disappeared and they put the word out, the Davises got a call from someone claiming to have Lou. He wanted $1200, which the Davises left in a spot in St. Paul while they were on the phone with the man.

But they lost that money and didn't get the dog back.

Four weeks later someone found the dog, dead, on an island in a Wright County lake.

"It's disgusting," Davis said.

The Davises have hired Stew Peters from U.S. Fugitive Apprehension, a bounty hunter who usually looks for bail-jumpers.

"Police investigators don't have the time or the resources to deal with a dog killing,' Peters said.

And he's now convinced the person who kidnapped and killed the dog is completely different and unrelated from the extortionist.

Bounty hunter Stew Peters believes a $10,000 reward might be enough to get people talking, and lead to the identification and arrest of the person who killed Lou the lab.

The bounty hunter has heard from other victims who were extorted after their pet disappeared. Peters believes that there is a scam artist out there who looks for missing pet posters, then calls the number pretending to have their dog, and then shakes them down for money.

"That's just his thing. That's his hustle. That's how he makes his money, by victimizing and preying on people's emotions," Peters said.

Meantime, Davises believe the other suspect - the one who kidnapped the dog panicked when the case started getting a lot of attention.

A man called demanding $1,200 in ransom if the family wanted to see Lou again. They paid, but the dog was not returned. Four weeks later he was found on an island near Buffalo shot to death.

"We feel that he killed him and dumped him on the island just to get rid of the evidence," Davis said.

But donations to the reward fund are pouring in. And the Davises are optimistic that someone with good information will now come forward.

Anyone hoping to claim the $10,000 reward by offering information leading to the dog killer should call the U.S. Fugitive Apprehension Anonymous Tip Line at 612-808-6656.

A GoFundMe page is set up for anyone wishing to donate to the reward fund.