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Search Warrants: BCA collected gun and 6 cartridge casings inside Winston Smith's car, 15 casings outside where police fired

New search warrants reveal what the BCA collected at the parking garage where Winston Smith was shot earlier this month.
Credit: KARE
The US Marshal Service runs the North Star Fugitive Task Force

MINNEAPOLIS — Two search warrants have been filed in the investigation into the law enforcement shooting of Winston Smith.

Smith was shot by two deputies working for the U.S. Marshal's North Star Fugitive Task Force. They say they were attempting to serve an arrest warrant on Smith, who had missed a sentencing hearing where he was due to serve a four-year prison term.

The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension is conducting the investigation into the shooting. When he wrote the affidavit in support of searching Smith's gray Maserati SUV, Special Agent James Reyerson wrote, "The aforementioned SUV has multiple defects that could be the result of projectile contact and contains a potentially associated firearm."

According to the search warrant receipt, agents collected a Smith and Wesson M&P 380 handgun from the front driver side of the Maserati. They also collected six Blazer 380 Auto cartridge cases from the driver's side, center console and passenger side in the front of the SUV.

In addition, they collected a loaded Smith and Wesson M&P 380 magazine with seven rounds in a duffel, according to the warrant.

Outside the Maserati on the passenger side where officers fired, the BCA collected fifteen FC 9mm Luger cartridge cases on the ground.

The agents also collected many bullet fragments, several phones, clothing and more than $800 cash as evidence in the case, according to the search warrant.

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