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'It's just the norm now' | Shots fired into Dinkytown apartment

Makayla Pahl says she was laying in bed when she heard shots ring out. She took cover immediately.

MINNEAPOLIS — Minneapolis police said they responded to a reports of gunfire in the area of 13th Ave. and 5th St. SE in Dinkytown just after midnight.

They said they arrived to evidence of gunfire and damage to two apartments.

"I was going to move out at the end of July so...less than a month left," Makayla Pahl said, describing her rental unit.

With just weeks left on her lease, the University of Minnesota junior said she's glad to be moving out soon.

"I was just laying in bed just minding my business on my phone, and all of a sudden I heard gunshots and I heard them flying through my apartment," Pahl said. "And I rolled off my bed and took cover. Just praying to God I wouldn't get hit or anything."

The bullets that flew in shattered her front door and left a hole in one of her windows. It also pierced through the facade of her ground floor apartment.

"You just kind of think of like every situation that could have happened..." Pahl said. "I'm just glad I'm still here."

As a rising senior, Pahl said she's not naive to the incidents of violence that happens around Dinkytown.

"You don't really think of it because it's just the norm now, but I mean there have been shootings over here in the past two years, and it's extremely bad during the summer," she explained.

Pahl said that she always tries to stay vigilant, but what happened to her early Friday morning was out of her control.

"At night I'm always being cautious of what happens, like if I'm walking outside," she said. "I mean you wouldn't think you're laying in your bed in your apartment thinking you're safe and all of a sudden you have bullets flying through your apartment."

MPD has not made any arrests in this case.

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