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Witnesses describe shooting at Plymouth movie theater Friday night

As of Friday night, police said no arrests had been made.

PLYMOUTH, Minn. — Police say no one was hurt when an unknown person fired shots in the lobby of a Plymouth movie theater. 

Plymouth Police Chief Erik Fadden said the person walked into the lobby of Emagine Willow Creek and fired at least two rounds. Fadden said the lobby was "nearly empty" and no one was hit. 

Malinda Maier came to the theater with her son to watch Halloween and said the night ended in chaos.

"A bunch of commotion goes off and everybody starts running," said Maier. "I thought it was a fight, and then once the crowd hit the ground, a guy stood there and pulled up a revolver and just started shooting at the crowd."

Maier said she worried for her son, and saw the employees were shaken, too.

"My kid, he was right there. And I just didn’t see him anymore," she said. "The poor kid that was working was curled up into a ball on the floor and he still doesn’t even know what happened, there’s a casing right by him."

Police cleared the entire theater to verify that no one was hurt. 

Katrina Loera was inside the theater when the movie was stopped short.

"There was three or four cops that came in with bulletproof vests and assault rifles telling us to put our hands in the air, shining flashlights in our face," she said. "We thought it was part of the show, because it's Halloween."

She said reality hit when they were escorted out of the theater.

"When we got into the lobby and we saw how many officers were there and we realized how serious it was, then when we opened the doors and we got outside and we saw all the squad cars, and the ambulances, the first thing that I did was I started crying and I called my mom," said Loera.

Loera said she never expected anything like this to happen in that area and is afraid to go back.

"We said let's go somewhere chill and quiet--in Plymouth, where it's a nice neighborhood," she said. "We felt safe there."

No one was in custody as of Saturday afternoon.

This is a developing story.

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