CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A 16-year-old accused of murdering a man in uptown Charlotte last week appeared in court Monday.

Police say Raheem Shacklette got into a fight in the epicenter, firing a shot that hit and later killed an innocent bystander on the street. 

That bystander, Dr. John Holaday, died from his injuries over the weekend, according to CMPD.

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A week after the out-of-town CEO walking the streets of uptown was seriously injured in a random shooting, the fear among people visiting the city continues.

According to his company, DisposeRx, Holaday was walking to a business meeting in Uptown when gunfire erupted last Monday.

Dr. John Holaday

Police say a fight broke out at the Epicentre, leading to the shooting. Shacklette is now charged with Holaday’s murder.

Sharon Seward knew Shacklette as a child through church in Charlotte and came to see his court appearance.

“He was funny, just a kind boy, very kind, not a problem, just very compliant,” Seward said.

Seward says Shacklette moved to Georgia for several years, returning to Charlotte the day before the shooting to visit family.

“I saw a 16-year-old [was] arrested, and I thought what in the world is that? And so I clicked and my heart sank when I saw his face, and I thought, I need to see him and I need to go and talk to him,” Seward said.

Shacklette’s next court date is set for later this week.

“He needs a lot of prayer, and he needs a lot of support,” Seward said.