Pasadena police are looking for a barefoot, braless thief caught on camera stealing a family’s Christmas decorations.

The woman stole two life-size toy soldiers from a homeowners front porch.

Ginger Shepherd said her husband and son decorated their house after Thanksgiving last week. But earlier this week, Shepherd said the woman decided to help herself to the decorations.

“I’m shocked at her stupidity,” Shepherd posted. “Who would risk bodily harm or arrest for Christmas decorations?”

Shepherd’s Facebook post about the Grinch who stole Christmas has gone viral.

Several commenters pointed out that the suspect was barefoot (and braless), leading to speculation that she might live nearby.

Thursday evening, nearby homeowners in Shepherd Park Plaza decorated their yards as well.

The McKenzie family put up Christmas lights and said they thought less about thieves and more about which neighbor’s display is best.

Then, they saw the Facebook video of the woman in Pasadena.

“How can somebody do that,” Christy McKenzie, a Houston homeowner asked. “How can you take somebody else’s joy?”

Sandy Klander made her two Nutcracker statues harder to take.

“We devised a way to anchor them so they’d be harder to take,” she said.

Officer Johanna Abad, a 19-year Houston Police veteran, told KHOU 11 News the best thing to do is make your yard items harder to steal.

If your decorations are sacred or expensive, bolt them down, Officer Abad recommended.

She also suggested buying cheaper replacements that you do not mind losing and installing surveillance cameras to catch any thief.

Michael Long never considered any of it until now.

“Until you showed me that (video), no (I did not),” he said. “(I thought) maybe a package off the doorstep but not one of the decorations off my lawn.”

So he too planted lights in his yard to protect them from thieves.

Anyone with information about the thief in Pasadena is asked to call the Pasadena Police Department.