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Crooked Water Spirits cocktail recipes

Enjoy these cocktail recipes with friends and family!

Crooked Water Spirits (CWS) is a certified woman owned, Minnesota based elevated micro craft spirits company.

Owner and CEO, Heather Manley, created CWS in 2013 based off an infatuation for spirits and love for growing idiosyncratic brands that radiate life, values, quality and passion. As a certified Whiskey Sommelier, Heather is passionate not only about creating a vibrant spirits company with soul but she is also the creator of all of CWS’s recipes.

Recognized nationally with over 45 awards, CWS’s pillars are Innovation, Quality and the Experience.

Quiet Night

Description: A beautiful twist on the Old Fashioned, using Crooked Water Old Hell Roaring Double-Barreled Bourbon, a dash of mezcal, demerara and pure vanilla. Perfect sipping cocktail.

Short Description: Crooked Water Old Hell Roaring bourbon, Mezcal, Demerara, Pure Vanilla and Orange Bitters.

• 1.5 Old hell Roaring Bourbon

• .5 Mezcal – We recommend Del Maguey Vida – great mixing affordable mezcal

• 2 Teaspoons of Demerara Syrup (using raw sugar)

• 4 Dashes Orange Bitters

• 3 Drops Pure Vanilla Extract – use a dropper.

Glass: Old Fashioned

Garnish: Orange Peel

Instruction: Express orange peel over drink, rim inside of glass. Add large rock. Build drink in glass. Garnish.

MinneApple Hot Cider

Description: The perfect entertaining batched cocktail that allows you to entertain, not stuck in the kitchen. Let this sit on the stove all day or put into a large coffee thermos to keep it hot all day for your guests.

Short Description: Crooked Water MinneApple, Cider, Bitters.

• 1 Gallon Pepin Height Apple Cider

• 1 sliced orange

• 2 Cinnamon Sticks

• 5-8 cloves – your preference

• 1-2 Bottles of Crooked Water MinneApple Brandy (add brandy to taste, 1 bottle is normal, or add more for a bit more bite)

• 1/2 Bottle of Dashfire Spiced Apple Bitters or fall themed bitters of your choice

Glass: Tea Mug

Garnish: Dehydrated Apple Crisp


• Heat 1 gallon of Pepin Heights apple cider on the stove with one sliced orange, cinnamon sticks and cloves.

• Bring to a boil and then quickly turn the heat down to low.

• Strain out solids if putting in a coffee warmer.

• Add 1-1.5 bottles of 750 ml bottle of Crooked Water MinneApple Brandy

• Add 1/2 of a bottle of Dashfire Spiced Apple bitters

• Keep on low, as ladle servings as needed

Hint: Don’t boil with the alcohol in it or you will cook off the booze. All bitters can be found at South Lyndale Liquors and France44.

Manley’s Old Fashioned

Description: A ready to pour Manley’s Old Fashioned


• 1 bottle of Manley’s Old Fashioned

• 1 Orange

Garnish: Orange Peel, clear ice rock

Glass: Low Ball Old Fashioned

Instructions: Pour Manley’s into glass, express orange peel over drink and garnish.