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Curiosity and sense of duty brought some to COVID-19 testing site

A handful said they wanted to the "next right thing."
Credit: Chad Nelson/KARE

MINNEAPOLIS — The State of Minnesota announced it would offer free COVID-19 testing to all Minnesotans throughout the weekend leading up to Memorial Day as well as on Memorial Day.

On Monday, hundreds were lined up outside of the Minneapolis Armory off Broadway Avenue in Northeast to receive the nasal swab test.

"Because you don't know-- some times it could be a little cold, it could be allergies, and it could be the virus," Sue Domeier said. "You at least need to be tested because you don't know if you have it or not because some symptoms don't show."

Some said they were curious to know.

"I would like to know the truth of if I have it," Ashley Huhy said. 

"A friend of mine encouraged me to get tested," Judy Miller said. I don't have any symptoms, as I understand it, you don't need symptoms and I just thought I'd do it."

However, another force that brought people to the Armory was the urge to do what's right.

"I'm more concerned about my daughter, my grandchildren, my boyfriend, my neighbors, etc." Miller added. "So I'm glad I came."

"Oh you know, to get ready, to do the protection, and take rest," Yoseph Woldemichael said. "And keep myself away from the public. You know--do the right thing."

If the test can prove one thing, it's that some are prepared to continue doing their part, no matter the level of discomfort.

"We haven't been going out for much more than essentials," Huhy said. "I guess my plan wouldn't be much different than what we're already doing. Obviously taking even more precautions."

"It's easy to keep my distance so I still walk about seven, ten miles every day," Domeier said. "So I'm out and about, I do what I need to do, I go to the grocery store, exercise and that's it."

"I've been pretty well isolating anyways for the last couple of months, going out only when needed," Miller said. "Friends bring me things, so I don't think it will be much of an adjustment really. I'll just do what I need to do."

Governor Tim Walz's office announced that future testing events will depend on several factors including demand shown from this long weekend. 

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