ST. PAUL, Minn. - The Lexington has sat majestically at the corner of Lexington and Grand in St. Paul for more than 80 years.

While it's a full-service restaurant today, it's got a history.

A history two paranormal activity folks were asked to figure out.

“We’ve heard there are things that are unexplained here … employees being grabbed by the arm, hearing things, things missing,” paranormal hunter Dawn McClain explained.

Since 2006, Dawn and her cohort have gone into spaces here in the Twin Cities 150 times to make contact.

The Lex was their latest assignment, and armed with go go gadgets that detect activity, they say they flipping found it.

“Well, what we found is we have a couple good EVPs," Brady Jeunesse explained. "That stands for Electronic Voice Phenomenon."

Yeah, Brady and Dawn took the EVP device upstairs to an office known to be a little ghostly at the Lex and started recording, and asked if anyone was there.


I listened to it myself, twice.

I heard it too.

Any logical person would only have one question for them after hearing that.

Did they tell the ghost to go away?

“No, they are friendly spirits," Brady explained. "We don't want them to go away, as they were here before we were."

This was too much, and it was time to find the owner of this place to ask the ultimate question. Why would he buy a haunted house?

“It’s a historic restaurant, it’s not a haunted house,” owner Josh Thoma said.

I then asked him if he thought maybe he bought the wrong building to operate a restaurant.

“No, absolutely not, we are super happy with the Lex, it’s great," Thoma said. "It just comes with some extra stuff."