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Teacher gets assist from professional athletes to get creative during COVID

Champlin Park special education math teacher Jaime Weisz has been getting videos of famous athletes to motivate his class.

CHAMPLIN, Minn. — Not many math teachers use Nintendo games to teach math. But during a pandemic Jaime Weisz has been trying hard.

"I just had to think outside of the box," says Weisz.

An effort to keep his special education math class students at Champlin Park engaged.

"Just trying to find ways to motivate students during this difficult time is not easy." says Weisz.

During the pandemic, he’s been asking stars of all walks of life to record messages of encouragement. 

“I just kind of explain to them if it would be possible to coordinate a video,” says Weisz.

And the numbers have added up in his classes' favor.

“My students are mostly in awe when the see all these people because my name is mentioned and the message is for them," says Weisz. "In reality, it’s a fun and creative way during this difficult time to connect with the students.”

The videos take Jamie a lot of extra time; to write an idea – sometimes a script – and then to find the right contact to pitch it. His reason for the extra work is simple: the kids.

"I’m passionate about math," says Weisz. "I put my best into making instruction fun and meaningful."

They say if you love your job, you never work a day in your life. Jamie Weisz proves this theory without a standard deviation of doubt.

"I am going to keep on doing these things to make these challenging times more memorable and more exciting," Weisz says.