BURNSVILLE, Minn. - Scott Tinkham and Jerrad Solberg, both students at Burnsville High School, have known each other since junior high. But, now they’re connected more than ever.

“I needed to do something before I graduated that hit people in the heart,” Tinkham says.

So Scott made a film about Jerrad, who lives with cerebral palsy. The film, called “Jerrad”, shows how he overcomes his limitations and doesn't let his walker define who he is.

“The only thing that's different about me and him is his legs don't work as well. That's it,” Tinkham says.

On Friday, three bus loads of students showed up at Showplace Icon Theatre in St. Louis Park to watch the fifteen minute film's premiere.

“It's pretty cool,” Solberg says. “Hopefully it'll change people's perspective on people with disabilities.”

Jared says perspective is key when living with a disability.

“There's other people with disabilities that can do less things,” he says. “I have to take advantage of the things I can do, instead of trying to think about the things I can't.”

It's that spirit that Scott was hoping to put on the big screen.

“He's just a thoughtful, caring person and I think people needed to know that,” Tinkham says.