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First day traditions at the Minnesota State Fair

Whether it's the food, rides, or being first in line traditions are something many hold near and dear at the Minnesota State Fair.

Throughout the endless crowds you'll find it hard to find someone without a first day tradition.

Whether it's the food, rides, or being first in line, traditions are something many hold near and dear.

"6:30 we're here," said Jennifer Bennett of Minneapolis.

She's always here the first day with her friends. 

"First day at the fair. Always girls day. Guys come later," said Bennett.

Leslee Yoder with her son Alex and her sister Shelley have a first day routine.

"Been a tradition for a number of years," said Leslee.

They get a foot long hot dog, go to the rabbit barn and get french fries. They've been doing it for years with their dad Don.

Now they're getting mom Darlene in on the routine.

"Don just loved the fair. That's why we have the bench and all the traditions," said Darlene.

They're honoring that tradition sitting on a bench with Don's name on it, remembering Don's love for the State Fair.

"Unfortunately he passed away in February. We came out here to honor his memory and had this bench made in his memory," said Leslee.

A similar sentiment for Jennifer and her friends. They always stop by their good friends daughter Ajarae's bench.

"Pay our respects," said Sandi Baxter.

First day State Fair traditions that will carry on in their memory and in the years to come. 

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