MINNETONKA, Minn. — If it moves water, there's a good chance it's going fast at your local hardware store.

At Northern Tool in Minnetonka, sump pumps are nowhere to be found.

"I have no idea if anybody has one. We've literally had hundreds of phone calls at this store alone," shared a Northern Tool employee named Terry. 

The store does still have a few gas-powered pumps available to help depending on the situation. They just received a new shipment Thursday, but even the big pumps are going fast.

"We've had customers fighting amongst each other for the same pump," Terry said. 

Terry said that the ultimate goal is to help customers get their needs solved, whether it's with Northern Tool or someone else. 

But right now, nobody seems to know where to turn.

"City of Minnetonka is out of sandbags, city of Hopkins is out of sandbags, Menards, Home Depot, no sandbags, no sump pumps, so..."  said Northern Tool customer Tim Jacobsen. 

Jacobsen decided he'd move traffic if he can't move water.

He was at the store trying to make a no wake zone for the three feet of water in front of his home.

 "I'm trying to keep people from going through this pond and stalling their cars, and creating waves that go into my basement," Jacobsen said. "We've had two cars stalled down there already today."

Northern Tool and Equipment told us that they, like many other stores, are continually working to secure pumps and supplies, and the best thing to do is to call in and check back frequently for updates because many items are sold as soon as they arrive. 

Keep in mind that hoses and other accessories (like fans) have also been selling fast. Road salt is also in high demand. 

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