MINNEAPOLIS - Monday's storm gave us the most snowfall we've seen in seven years.

It's considered by meteorologists to be a once-in-10-years event. Because of the lingering snow and ice on the roads, several school districts canceled classes today.

And that meant, for the first time in a long while, a proper snow day.

Several families enjoyed the fresh powder.

Nathan Jimenez, a Minneapolis 5th grader, enjoyed flying down a snowy hill at Powderhorn Park.

Unlike the last few weeks of temperatures below zero, Tuesday’s weather was just right to go outside and enjoy the huge amounts of snow from Monday’s winter storm.

"I was kind of excited because I have no school today because of the snow and I thought it was a good day for sledding," said Jimenez.

Saleha Erdmann and her 2-year-old daughter are also joining in on the sledding fun.

"The speed of it, going down the hill when it's really smooth on a lot of snow is so exciting," Erdmann said.

The St. Paul teacher and Twin Cities native also has a snow day. Erdmann said she remembers days like this growing up, but snow days have been rare the last few years.

"With climate change, you just don't know how many more of these we get or we'll get a ton more, I don’t know, but I feel like we have to take advantage of these days. So much of the wintertime, you end up being cooped up inside and to be able to go out and enjoy the outdoors is really fun as a family," said Erdmann.