Sen. Al Franken said he's still planning to appear with comedian Kathy Griffin, after she begged him for forgiveness for a gory photo shoot depicting a beheaded Donald Trump.

On SiriusXM Wednesday, Franken said he, like many others, was upset by the photos.

"When I saw this image, I said this is unacceptable and I condemned it," he told The Press Pool. "I called Kathy and I told her I was doing that."

At that point, Griffin "begged" him for forgiveness, Franken said.

"I told her why I was so offended," he said. "And I think it might've affected her thinking. I think she's a very talented comedian but this was way, way, way, way over the line. And I told her so."

Franken said he accepted Griffin's apology, adding "I believe in forgiveness."

Franken is scheduled to appear with Griffin on July 7 in Beverly Hills. The event is billed as "Senator Al Franken in Conversation with Kathy Griffin" and is a promotion for his new book, "Giant of the Senate."

Minnesota GOP Chairman Jennifer Carnahan posted a statement on her Facebook page Tuesday, calling on the senator to cancel the event.

Franken told CNN, he still plans to appear with her.

He said she did the right thing in apologizing for such a "horrible" mistake, and believes she will recover from this incident.

On Tuesday, Franken's office issued this statement regarding the photos:

Sen. Franken thinks Kathy Griffin is a talented comedian and respects her right to free speech, but believes this image was inappropriate and not the kind of thing that should be part of our national discourse.

Griffin said when the photos were released that she does not condone violence. She tweeted, "I'm merely mocking the Mocker-in-Chief."

But not long after the photos began circulating, she apologized on Twitter, saying she "went too far."