KASSON, Minn. - It's not every day hundreds of people drive from far and wide to see a rock.

But this rock, in the southeastern Minnesota town of Kasson, is something special.

It's a 9-foot, 38,000-pound boulder, and a man named Ray “Bubba” Sorensen has turned it into a work of art and a tribute to Minnesota's veterans. Sorensen calls it a "Freedom Rock."

On Monday, the Freedom Rock, now sitting outside the American Legion on Main Street, was dedicated.

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Sorensen’s trip to Kasson has been two decades in the making. Already, he’s painted similarly themed boulders in 74 Iowa counties, three Missouri communities and another in Wisconsin.

“It’s something I love to do,” Sorensen said. “I love to be able to say thank you to our veterans and show them we appreciate them.”

It all started when Sorensen, at age 19, attended the film “Saving Private Ryan.”

“Not being in the service, that's the closest I've been to war, you know, sitting in the theater watching that. And, so I was like, I'm going to say thank you to these guys somehow,” Sorensen said.