GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - If you have been single in the last, oh, decade you probably have a ghost story.

But before we share, let's define.

“Ghosting in dating is when one person wishes to no longer date the other and then ceases communication and hopes the other will get it and naturally move on,” dating coach Kimberly Kohler said.

So, it's basically the most Minnesotan thing you can do in a courting situation. Ice cold.

Yes, but a question: If you meet the person via digital and you dip via digital what's wrong with that?

“I think what happens with social media is this obligation idea gets really messy,” social media expert Professor Jen England from Hamline University says.

In the modern dating world, this is a nightly haunt.

Erica shared two of her stories with us on the book of faces. One, she meets a fella and they go on a rapid succession of dates. and then POOF, fella goes Casper.

Erica wrote, ‘I wasn't sure if he was dead, alive, or impaled by a deer during hunting season.’

Round two, she dates a chap, he slowly begins to fade and then completely ghosts only to come back months later and folks, there's a name for this.

Guy number two is a ZOMBIE.

A dating zombie is a term for the person you thought ghosted you who returns weeks or months later with a random text like, well, no time had passed and that the person had never disappeared in the first place.

Yeah, so this covers the romantical side of these ghouls.

But guess what?

Ghosting has gone mainstream into all of our relationships.

People ghost colleagues at work, friends online on the daily, and yes, yes, people are even ghosting family members (thank you Presidential election of 2016).