The bar keeps raising for 8-year-old Serenity Boike, who has now raised more than $2,300 for a mother who lost two children in a Big Lake fire in April.  

We first introduced you to Serenity last weekend, in the middle of her small-scale humanitarian effort. Mom Cassie was helping make cookies and lemonade, while Serenity crafted bracelets to sell in their driveway.

"Just want to raise money for my friends," said Serenity.

By friends she means her neighbors. A mom who lost two of her kids in an April fire that police believe was set by their father. Two other children survived, and Serenity desperately wanted to help in some way.

"Doesn't surprise me that she wanted to do this. She's got a heart of gold," said Cassie Boike.

Apparently word quickly spread.

"Saw you on Facebook," said one neighbor coming to buy a bracelet.

Neighbor after neighbor stopped by Sunday, including Big Lake Police Chief Joel Scharf and the fire department.

"Take some lemonade and cookies," said Scharf.

At the time KARE 11's Alex Hagan did the story, Serenity had what seemed like lofty aspirations. "Make my new goal $2,000," said Serenity. "Or maybe $5,000."

It now sounds like she may have sold herself short. If you'd like to help Serenity's online fundraiser is still up and running. You can donate here.