ST. PAUL, Minn. - Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton says he is planning to keep to his normal schedule Tuesday after collapsing during his State of the State address.

The 69-year-old Democrat went down as he neared the end of his annual speech Monday night. He paused to take a drink of water, didn't speak for a few seconds, and then fell to the podium, appearing to strike his head. Lt. Governor Tina Smith and several other aides rushed to Dayton and slowly lowered him to the ground.

He appeared conscious moments later as he was helped to a back room minutes later. A top staffer said he walked out of the Capitol on his own and was given a routine check by medical professionals at his home.

Sen. Scott Jensen is a medic and responded immediately when the governor fell. He told Minnesota Public Radio Dayton's condition is "stable." Sen. Dan Schoen, also a medic, said Dayton was acting normally and poking fun at himself just minutes after he fainted. Dayton was revived and left the chamber on his own.

Eric Dayton, the governor's son, said on Twitter that he was with his dad and "he's doing great."

In a statement from Dayton's office, the Governor is home with family where medics performed a "routine check." He will still present his 2017 budget proposal Tuesday morning.

"Governor Dayton and his entire staff thank the people of Minnesota for their outpouring of support and concern," Chief of Staff Jaime Tincher said in a statement.

Tincher later said Dayton will proceed with his plans to unveil a budget proposal Tuesday morning.

Dayton has a history of health problems. He fainted during a campaign event last year in an episode he later blamed on overheating and dehydration.

The Governor turns 70 on Thursday.