GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - It's that time of year again.

Kids are getting ready to go back to school and Steve Greenberg the Gadget Guy has some ideas for gadgets that could make your fall extra fun.

  • KiiPix™ from TOMY — A portable, affordable and easy-to-use instant film printer, requiring no special apps and no batteries, making it a “snap” (pun totally intended!) to capture, print and share.
  • Pop-oh-ver Play Kitchen — Play kitchens are a classic setting for solo or team pretend play and Pop-oh-ver is the hottest new twist.
  • Playmobil’s Hidden Temple with T-Rex — Join Nick, Will and Emma as they embark on a new adventure on Dino Island in the Hidden Temple with T-Rex.
  • smART sketcher™ Projector — Empowers kids and parents to turn photos from their smart devices into pictures!
  • Beaker Creatures — A new line of science-themed collectibles from Learning Resources that combines the thrill of collecting with hands-on science experiments that build skills and spark curiosity.
  • UnbuckleMe – INVENTED BY A MOM — Kids' car seat buckles are regulated to require 9 lbs. of pressure to release, so kids can’t get out while the car is moving. UnbuckleMe uses leverage to reduce the force to unbuckle, and does not attach to the car seat. Under adult supervision, kids can quickly unbuckle themselves in the carpool drop-off line, so mom doesn’t have to get out of the car to do it, or crawl to the third row.

More information about these gadgets can be found on Steve's website.