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Grow with Kare: Revol Greens

From seed to salad greens, come along with us on a high tech adventure to Revol Greens.

From seed to salad greens, come along with us on a high tech adventure to Revol Greens.

"So this is baby spinach seeds and we're automatically sowing the seeds in these boards. Planting about 600 seeds per board because we'll only grow it about this tall, explains Revol's Jay Johnson. (Jay is also to co-founder of Bushel Boy.)

Then they go in the germination house for four days at 95% humidity and 60 degrees. then the seed boards literally float into the greenhouse on a flume. It's old technology being used for new stuff!

The boards are transferred to the 2.5 acre pond and then they are pushed slowly along over about a 17 day period when they'll just tall enough for harvest.They're pulled out and it's back to the flume for a float to teh harvesting station. They are packed them the same day and delivered the next day.

That efficiency means fresher salad in your bowl!

"90% of lettuce products are shipped in from California or Arizona. That takes about 4t6 days on a truck where we can harvest one day and be there the next day. That helps with the flavor, the texture and the nutrient value. The farther you get from harvest the less nutrients it has," says Johnson.

Beyond making it possible to grow greens 365 days per year, the greenhouse has other perks.

"Because we grow it in this protected greenhouse we're pesticide, herbicide free. We use 90% less water to grow a pond of lettuce indoors because it doesn't evaporate. We use every drop of water. Our water source is the rain water and snow melt that comes off the ceiling of this large place. We collect it," Johnson adds.

And that's where the name comes from... Revol Greens. As in a revolutionary way to grow lettuce. Stragith to you from Medford, MN.