GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - A great salad is more than a pile of lettuce with a bit of dressing on top.

The best salads combine a variety of textures and flavors that keep you coming back for more. Kowalski’s Culinary Director, Chef Rachael Perron, has some cool tips that will transform every single salad you make into a culinary creation.


- Black Raspberry Fig Vinaigrette, divided

1 crisp tart apple, cored and diced

¾ cup halved seedless red grapes

5 oz. chopped romaine lettuce, washed in ice cold water and drained well

2 tbsp. diced dried figs

2 tbsp. roasted and salted pepitas

2 oz. crumbled blue cheese

4 slices bacon, cooked crisp and crumbled

Pour ½ of the dressing in the bottom of a salad or mixing bowl; top with apple, grapes and lettuce. Toss salad, adding more dressing to taste. Serve salad topped with remaining ingredients; drizzle with additional dressing to taste. Serve immediately.

Serves 4.


In a screw-top glass jar, combine 4 tbsp. Kowalski’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 2 ½ tbsp. Kowalski’s Balsamic Fig Vinegar and 1 tsp. Kowalski’s Seedless Black Raspberry Jam. If desired, add 1-2 tsp. each Dijon mustard and minced shallots. Season with ¾ tsp. kosher salt and ¼ tsp. Kowalski’s Freshly Ground Black Peppercorns. Screw on lid; shake vigorously until well combined. Makes about ½ cup.