MINNEAPOLIS - Treadmills are lined up wall to wall, most set on nine and occupied by runners dripping with sweat.

A darkened room and pulsating music accompany the instructor who guides participants through a workout that alternates high intensity cardio, strength and a whole lot of encouragement.

This is Fly Feet Running, a newer business in the heart of downtown Minneapolis. Chris Freytag, of GetHealthyU.com wanted to check it out for this week's "Amped Up Motivation Monday."

It's obvious watching the runners the workout will have results. Chris asked owner Kristin Shane who the business is aiming to attract, and Shane insists it's for anyone. "We meet you where you are," said Shane, who said each participant sets their own pace, chooses their own weights and pushes themselves as they see fit.

Check out the video for a look at a workout that could bring renewed respect for the treadmill at the gym. Shane and Fly Feet Running is offering KARE 11 viewers a deal through New Year's - 15% off all apparel through the first of the year, also an introductory three sessions for $30 if you mention this segment on KARE 11.

Fly Feet Running is located at 15 South 5th Street #100, in Minneapolis.