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Ben Utecht trains his brain after multiple concussions

Former NFL player experienced memory loss
Ben Utecht

EAGAN, Minn. - Former NFL player Ben Utecht is performing a different kind of workout after years of punishment on the football field.

Utecht suffered multiple concussions after playing five years in the NFL. He began experiencing memory loss so he decided to get a neuro-psychological assessment.

"Everything was above average, upper 80th and 90th percentile, except for my long-term memory, which was like 12," Utecht said.

The poor score led Utecht to Learning RX in Eagan. It's there where Utecht performs a workout for his brain. It consists of multiple memory drills with designed distractions. The idea is to build new, stronger pathways for the brain to help his memory.

"We take those skills that were impacted and strengthen them to get you back to where you were or sometimes higher," said Rich Frieder, the executive director of Learning RX.

Utecht said he's seen progress after just a few weeks.

"I don't think it will give me memories back that I lost from the past, but if it can help my brain create new ways to retain memory from this point on going forward, then I'm going to be really excited," Utecht said.

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