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A birthday wish comes true: a safe hug from dad

Lori McCurdy only wanted one thing for her birthday, a hug from her father.

SPRINGFIELD, Illinois — On Lori McCurdy's 45th birthday, she only had one wish in mind.

She wanted to hug her father, Roger.

You see, social distancing and actual distance had kept Lori and her father - who was diagnosed with a form of dementia a few years ago apart as of late.

So as her birthday approached she told her immediate family her wish, likely never thinking it could come true.

Well, her husband Cliff knows a thing or two about plastic, PVC pipe and his wife's wants.

So as a gift to her he created a safe way for a wish to happen.

And happen it did.

Check out the video to see the hug (and the birthday wish) that was such a long time coming.

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