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An open letter from a health care worker to future COVID patients

Nurse practitioner Michael Finch posted the letter on Facebook, then read it aloud on "Breaking the News."

MINNEAPOLIS — The COVID-19 vaccine is finally here, with some of our health care workers set to receive it first.

It is those workers we often get the privilege to hear from on KARE 11's "Breaking the News," about what they have faced, and continue to face.

On Monday's broadcast, Jana shared an essay written as an open letter to all of us, from a Nurse at M Health Fairview. His name is Michael Finch, and he is a nurse practitioner with 42 years of practice.

He wrote this open letter on Facebook, and read it to our audience on "Breaking the News."

Dear future patient...

.. we don't know each other and I have to admit I have mixed emotions waiting to meet you. I am at once honored to be called to soon care for you and regret the need for our encounter.

Yet this place is prepared.

This is a rare photo of an empty ICU bed at our hospital... it is where my amazing and gifted colleagues, though pushed beyond their limits will rush to your side, wipe away spittle and sweat and hold your hand assuring you of their caring presence when you are so very afraid...day after day, hour after hour , night after night. They will be covered from head to toe in PPE, washing their hands more than 8 times each time they enter and leave.. they will care for your anxious family over the phone who will tearfully want only to see your smile and tell you one more time to your face how much you are loved... they may not, they can not...

I regret to say you may struggle with iv lines and a tube in your throat that denies your voice... machines filling the room.. standing like sentinels, expertly managed by compassionate nurses and others... all to save your one precious life... hopefully...

Do you have something to say? You want another choice?

It involves masks, distance and sacrifice in these weeks.. you know what to do...if its just the same to you I would rather not meet you this way.... let's just say good morning to each other as we pass on a walk around the lake sometime...

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