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Biden administration outlines COVID vaccine strategy for children under 5

In advance of a decision by the CDC and FDA, the Biden administration has preemptively developed a strategy to inoculate American children under the age of 5.

MINNESOTA, USA — The Biden administration outlined its plan Thursday to combat COVID-19 in children under 5, ahead of a planned vaccine authorization meeting next week by the FDA.

The under 5 age bracket has since eluded the nation in its fight to inoculate as many Americans as possible, and the administration is prepared to begin implementing its plan as early as the week of June 20.

The administration claims 85% of children under the age of 5 live within a five mile radius of a potential vaccine site, and says it has already set aside a stockpile of doses for states, tribes and territories pending FDA authorization. 

The Biden administration says the rollout of vaccines to facilities across the country could begin as soon as the FDA takes this necessary step to authorize any of the current COVID vaccine brands.

The administration outlined the following key components to its plan, which we've abbreviated below. 

  • "Securing vaccine supply for our nation's children" - The Biden administration has said it has secured 10 million initial COVID vaccine doses, and says "millions more" will be made available as the vaccination program ramps up. 
  • "Making vaccinations available in convenient places" - The administration says, of the sites it has identified for use in its vaccination program, that roughly 85% of children under 5 live within a five mile radius. The administration says it is making efforts to ensure vaccines will be distributed to a variety of health locales, from local pediatric offices to community health centers and rural clinics. They also say they plan to work with various state health departments to augment their assessment of how best to serve local communities, and particularly those who may not have access to a health provider. 
  • "Leveraging federal programs to reach parents and families with information and advance equity" - The administration says it will have an equity focus in mind, ensuring that hard hit and at-risk communities are given adequate support — while also ensuring parents and families are provided with the information they need. 
  • "Supporting educating and engagement efforts to build trust among parents and families" - The administration acknowledges that while some may be eager to vaccinate their children, others will have more questions, and aims to conduct a public information campaign in collaboration with its national partners to help encourage participation and aid families in making informed decisions. 

A more detailed explanation of the Biden administration's vaccine rollout strategy for children under 5 can be found in the White House's latest official press release

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