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Minnesota man creates wristbands to mark COVID vaccine

The idea behind Courage thru COVID is to encourage others to get vaccinated and support our health care workers.

Adam Wiatrowski has been in the healthcare industry his whole career. So, when the COVID vaccine provided a light at the end of the tunnel, it also sparked an idea.

“We came up with the Courage thru COVID wristband,” he says.

Adam started Courage Thru COVID. He and his team of volunteers designed a lime green bracelet that could be worn to proudly display that you've been vaccinated. A rallying cry, if you will, to encourage others to get vaccinated and show support for those on the front lines.

"I think people are going to want to show their support for the amazing hospital workers that have been dealing with this all year,” Wiatrowski says.

So, how do you get your hand on one? Get a shot in the arm first.

“Our goal is to distribute them through hospitals, long-term care facilities, through pharmacy chains and have them give them to patients as they are vaccinated,” he says.

The company, like the vaccine, is new, but they think they can keep up with demand.

“We feel very comfortable that we can supply them probably faster than the vaccine can be supplied. We hope Pfizer, and Moderna, and the other drug companies can put us to the test with that, but as fast as they roll them out, we think we can roll them out,” he says.

And, to kick things off, Courage thru COVID is looking to give Minnesota health care workers a donation, so that medical staff can wear them too.

"Our plan is to give away or donate about 10,000 wrist bands to local hospitals here in Minnesota,” he says.

“It's our small way of saying thank you."

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