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Life and business coach: tips on staying positive and productive

“Use this time as an introspection time for mindfulness – time to connect with others, time to slow down. And really use it as an opportunity for growth."

MINNEAPOLIS — A local life and business coach encourages everyone to persist through these difficult times and even discover opportunities to be more productive and positive.

“Use this time as an introspection time for mindfulness – time to connect with others, time to slow down. And really use it as an opportunity for growth,” said Jasna Burza, who has worked as a Life and Business coach for more than a decade.

Perspective gained and given

Burza offers a perspective based both on her extensive educational and professional qualifications and her experience as a refugee. As a child growing up in Bosnia, Burza remembers well life in a refugee camp.

“I wouldn’t really wish it upon anyone. But it was my reality at the time. And I really do believe that it is something that has benefited my life in so many ways. I look at everything with such perspective, and I’m extremely grateful,” she said.

It’s that perspective that she feels also relates to our current challenges.

“When you go to such dire… circumstances… I think you have so much more appreciation for life. I think that you always find a silver lining no matter what happens around it,” she said.

Personal silver lining: connecting with those around you

As for persisting through our current time, Burza first recommends that you remind yourself this uncertain situation will not last.

“We’re taking all the precautions, and we’re at home with all the technology and all the comforts of home. We have electricity. We have each other. We have our families. We have food to eat. We have shelter. And no one is shooting at us,” she said.

“I believe that this is actually an incredible opportunity for so many of us to connect with our families so much more, to go within, to work on our mindfulness,” she added.

Professional silver lining: build up your skills and services

Meantime, Burza also believes it’s possible to remain productive, particularly if you’re an entrepreneur looking to build up your business.

“I think this is an incredible opportunity to recession-proof our business, because when things improve, what are we going to do,” she said.

“I think that this will poke holes in our business, and it will showcase where we are weak. There’s an opportunity to create more streams of income. It’s an opportunity to create the back-end of our business –  so the organizational aspect, search engine optimization, working on our website, working on the content,” she encouraged.

*Free silver lining: online trainings 

And when it comes to that content, Burza herself is offering free online webinars. Every other day, she’ll go live on Instagram with a new topic and training.

“I think it’s an opportunity to serve others. And it’s a form of developing a business in a way, from the highest of intention,” Burza said, adding that others should also consider an opportunity to pay it forward.

“If we come together, and if we give, and we serve others, I think that will be beautiful,” she concluded.

To join Burza’s sessions online, just follow her on Instagram, at: jasna.burza

And to learn more about Burza’s business and background, just head to: jasnaburza.com

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