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Minnesotans find new ways to survive a second dial back order

On the first full day of new restrictions meant to slow the spread of COVID, Minnesotans have already come up with ways to stay active, while also being safe.

MINNEAPOLIS — A second round of closures for places like gyms and restaurants across Minnesota means finding new ways to cope while keeping safe in doing so.

"This is my new gym," said Alex Reinke while working out in a neighborhood park. 

A jungle gym in the Whittier neighborhood of Minneapolis is where Reinke found himself on a picture perfect Saturday night, navigating through not only a challenging workout, but also the challenges associated with the governor's new dial back order.

"Yeah its been hard dialing back, getting together with friends and stuff," said Reinke. 

This is all happening at a time of the year when everything is centered around being merry and gathering with close friends and family.

"The essentials are still there," said Reinke referring to grocery stores and liquor stores. 

For people like Arlene Birt, life hasn't changed all that much since March amid a second round of closures. 

"We try to get outside, we haven't gone to restaurants, we order takeout and pick up, we've paused our gym membership and those types of things," said Birt. 

However, what has changed are the uncertainties surrounding what's to come, now eight months into this pandemic, which has claimed the lives of more than 3200 Minnesotans.

"How long will this be, how much longer, what are the impacts for our families, our friends, our community," asked Birt. 

So while we make do with the hand 2020 has dealt us, if it means trading happy hour at the bars for park pull up bars ...

"I'd rather be able to be there in a year with everybody than be in there right now with a tenth of the people that are supposed to be there," said Reinke. 

Perhaps making this the second and final round of restrictions, before a return to life as we once knew it becomes our reality again.

"We've all got to chip in and do our part," said Birt.