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Missed out on your second COVID-19 vaccine dose? Get it as soon as possible

M Health Fairview advises that you get your second dose as soon as possible if you are beyond the recommended window.

MINNEAPOLIS — Have you gotten your second dose yet?

Recent CDC data is showing a growing number of people - nearly one in 10 - have missed their second COVID-19 vaccine dose. With the delta variant on the rise, research studies have shown that the both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are most effective when both shots are administered. According to the CDC, the first shot only gives partial protection from COVID-19.  

Dr. Abe Jacob, chief quality officer for M Health Fairview, is making the recommendation is that even if you are outside the recommended window for your second vaccine dose, you should get it as soon as possible. Furthermore, information on the CDC website shows that the second shot can be given up to six weeks if necessary. Limited information is presently available on what effects there might be if you are earlier or later than six weeks. 

According to the CDC, you are considered "fully vaccinated" a full two weeks after receiving a second Pfizer or Moderna shot, or a single-dose shot like Johnson & Johnson.