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"We're not out looking for people." Minneapolis police weigh in on day one of shelter in place order

"...We're very pleased with how people have responded to this and we're hoping for continued compliance."

MINNEAPOLIS — It was the opposite of what you would expect for a Saturday evening in Downtown Minneapolis. 

It was rainy, businesses were closed and it seems for the most part Minnesotans had heeded the governor's order to stay home Saturday afternoon.

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Across town in the Whittier neighborhood just outside of Uptown, the team at Leaning Tower of Pizza are still adjusting to this new norm. 

"We would already have some deliveries in the queue, some pickups, maybe people would be shuffling in, families of regulars that have been coming here for who knows how long." said Manager Mike West. 

However, despite the decline in business, West believes it's not all a lost cause as this new norm is still sort of a win-win for both business and the safety of others. 

"Its positive you know because people are staying home, they'll still order even though they're staying at home," said West. 

While Governor Tim Walz's executive order encourages you to stay home, leaders with the Minneapolis Police Department are doing their part to educate. 

"The people that we've talked to since this went into effect at midnight and this morning, people have been great. People have listened to what we're saying," said John Elder, Public Information Officer for the department. 

Police say while they do have a provision in the order to write citations and even make arrests, this order isn't about enforcement, as we're all in this together. 

"The police department's not driving around ticketing people, we're not out looking for people, we're not out pulling people over. We're very pleased with how people have responded to this and we're hoping for continued compliance," said Elder. 

As for the new norm at Leaning Tower of Pizza, like many other businesses they plan to stay open for as long as possible. 

"As long as the government doesn't shut us down for pickup, takeout, delivery yeah we'll be open, we'll be shuffling through," said West. 

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