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Work-at-home mom loses 50 pounds, while walking 6500 miles on a treadmill under her desk

Lisa Erickson averages between 17 and 20 miles a day without leaving her desk.

EAGAN, Minn. — There’s nothing like a global pandemic to make you feel like you're walking in place.

Which has been a good thing for Lisa Erickson.  

Last March, the 51-year-old Eagan mom placed a treadmill under her work-from-home desk after being displeased with a photo she took at her 50th birthday party.  

“I saw that photo and I thought, that's not what I want to look like,” Lisa says.

Since then, Lisa has logged on her treadmill between 17 and 20 miles a day – nearly 6500 miles total – and more than 13 million steps.

“It doesn't feel hard when I'm doing it, it just feels like a day in the office,” Lisa says.

But when she checks her numbers at the end of the day, “That's pretty cool. Like I walked almost a marathon while I worked,” Lisa says.

Lisa works as an insurance subrogation specialist, but she is also now known as the Walking Worker, with thousands of TikTok followers.

“It's more followers than any of my kids have,” the mother of three teenagers laughs. “I find that enjoyable, considering they have me blocked from their accounts.”

Lisa can also feel good about the 50 pounds she's lost.  “Really good,” she says with a smile, never breaking stride with her feet.

During her walking work year, Lisa has burned through five pairs of running shoes.

It's small price to pay for a walking, working, woman - worthy of a wow.

“The lesson would be if you’re unhappy with your situation and you don’t have time, there’s always a way,” Lisa says.