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Quick help is available for people dealing with mental health crisis

9-8-8 is the new number to call/text/chat when people are trying to cope with suicidal thoughts or mental health issues.
Credit: SAMHSA
988: A simpler way to get help when it's needed most.

MINNEAPOLIS — 9-8-8. That’s the new, simple-to-remember number that people can call or text when they find themselves feeling suicidal or in the midst of a mental health crisis.

By dialing three numbers, 9-8-8, people who need support dealing with mental health issues, suicidal thoughts, or substance abuse problems will get immediate help. 9-8-8 is the new nationwide lifeline that is replacing the current 10-digit Suicide Crisis Lifeline (800-273-TALK.)

The new 9-8-8 Lifeline launched in mid-July. When people call or text the number, they will be connected with trained counselors --- usually located in the same area code as the originating call. Calls are answered 24/7.

Help when it’s needed most

Last year in Minnesota, 33,887 calls from across the state were made to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. That’s according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, a division of the Department of Health and Human Services. The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) says the shorter dialing code is an important step in reducing suicide rates. It will also be an improvement for people facing mental health crisis. 

MDH has allocated $1.8M to implement the new service. 9-8-8 is a nationwide network of more than 200 call centers. Minnesota has four Lifeline centers in operation. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline has several backup centers that can be tapped if current call centers are at capacity.

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