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Guys. It's time for a check-up.

Men are 24% less likely than women to have annual physicals. The CDC says nearly 15% of men are in fair or poor health. Their main health issues are preventable.

MINNEAPOLIS — Heart disease. Cancer. Unintended injury. According to Mayo Clinic these are the top three health issues that men face. Mayo docs say all are largely preventable if men would seek regular medical care.

Are men more likely to take their car in for routine maintenance than they take themselves in for a physical?  A survey by The Cleveland Clinic shows more than 40% of men say they only go to the doctor when they think they have a serious medical condition. More than half say ‘health’ isn’t something they talk about.

The National Health Interview survey conducted for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says 14.9% of adult men are in fair or poor physical health.

Be proactive. Get checked out! 

It’s time to stop avoiding the doctor. The Cleveland Clinic says more than 7 million American men have not seen a doctor in over 10 years. The reasons: worries over getting bad results, embarrassment, lack of convenience, and being raised to ‘not complain’. But avoidance won’t make a problem go away. In many cases, delayed care only makes matters worse. Early research into COVID-19 mortality show men were dying at higher rates than women because they had more underlying health conditions.

When? How often?

Men’s Journal has published a concise guide for the screenings men should be receiving during each decade of their life beginning in their 20s. The Cleveland Clinic has created a screening chart explaining some of the most common men’s health exams, who should get them, and how often they should be done.

Think of physicals in terms of car maintenance: If you wait until strange noises start coming from the engine, the repair is likely to be more complicated (and expensive.)

Know Your Numbers

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