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Who's who at Health Fair 11

The Minnesota State Fair is filled with all kinds of temptations. There is at least one healthy option for fair goers -- stopping by Health Fair 11 at the Fair

MINNEAPOLIS — UPDATE: it was a fantastic year for Health Fair 11 at the Fair. 

Nineteen organizations were recruited to provide health screenings and education to fair goers. More than 102,860 health connections/screenings were documented during this year’s Minnesota State Fair. 

We weighed 1,213,996 lbs. of fair goers (average weight was 162.8 lbs.)

We checked the blood sugar (glucose) levels on 5,055 people --- and found five that had dangerously high readings which required EMT intervention.

We treated a man who was in the early stages of either a heart attack or stroke. He was transported via ambulance from our building to the hospital.

We did vision checks on children, checked people for hearing loss, and offered memory assessments. 

New mothers (876 of them) had private places to nurse their babies. Every day 350 learned if their bloody type was A+, A-, B+, B-, AB+, AB-, O, or O-.

2,128 people received flu shots at the Fair.

And there was much, much more.

If your business or organization is interested in being part of Health Fair 11 at the Fair, send an email to healthfair@kare11.com.  Planning for our 20th year has already started!


Nineteen organizations are joining forces to make Health Fair 11 at the Fair possible. The Health Fair 11 building is located on the Minnesota State Fairgrounds at the intersection of Dan Patch Avenue and Cooper Street. Services are provided daily August 22 - September 2, 2019 from 9:00 a.m.to 8:00 p.m. 

Here is a rundown of the various organizations and the services they are providing.

Memorial Blood Centers   Blood Typing

Memorial Blood Centers (MBC) mission is: Saving lives by providing blood and biomedical solutions. MBC serves over 30 hospitals and 13 air ambulance bases in Minnesota and Western Wisconsin. With blood donors, community partners and hospitals. MBC creates trusted and innovative solutions to help our customers achieve their goals.

For the 19tth year MBC will be partnering with Health Fair 11 and testing and determining the blood type of fair goers. Through this quick and accurate test individuals can learn something unique about themselves and gain a better understanding of the need for blood in our communities and how they can contribute to meeting that need.

Free blood typing is offered to anyone age 16 or older. With just a tiny finger prick, fair goers will find out if they have A, B, or O type blood. MBC has been part of Health Fair 11 at the Fair since it first opened its doors in 2001.

More information about Memorial Blood Centers and to learn how you can join us in our mission can be found at: www.mbc.org

CaringBridge   - Social & Emotional Connections Online

CaringBridge, will be sharing the power of connection.  They will be handing out fans as “hope on a stick” to encourage state fair goers to spread love and compassion online. Visitors will also learn about CaringBridge and how to set up your own free, completely secure site. CaringBridge will be highlighting their new partnership with the Department of Veterans Affairs and their commitment to be a resource for Veterans, service members and their families as a means of opening an avenue for understanding and support through any type of health journey.

Anaphylaxis and Food Allergy Association of Minnesota   - Food Allergy Information & Education

AFAA is a local, volunteer-run nonprofit whose mission is food allergy education, advocacy & support. Their motto is “Taking the fear out of food allergies.”

AFAA's booth will have food allergy information, literature, epinephrine trainers, demonstration, questions & answers, door prizes, giveaways.   Contact AFAA at info@minnesotafoodallergy.org 

Minnesota Academy of Audiology  - Hearing Screenings & Video Otoscopy 

Minnesota Academy of Audiology (MAA) is a group of professional audiologists who are university-training and licensed to practice within the state. members specialize in the evaluation and treatment of people with heairng loss, tinnitus, dizziness and balance problems. MAA members treat adults, infants and children of all ages. 

More information is available at www.minnesotaaudiology.org / email: administrator@minnesotaaudiology.org

Bluestone Physician Services and St. Croix Hospice  - Memory Assessments & Alzheimer's Education

Bluestone Physician Services is an innovative, primary care practice delivering on-site care to patients living in assisted living and memory care communities, as well as those with disabilities in both residential and community settings. Providing care since 2006 for chronically ill, elderly, and disabled individuals, Bluestone is Minnesota’s leading on-site primary medical care provider.  This is Bluestone's third year participating in Health Fair 11 at the Fair. 

St. Croix Hospice supports patients, families and caregivers when they need us the most, delivering the highest quality hospice care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Nebraska and Wisconsin. Focused solely on providing exceptional hospice care, St. Croix Hospice takes pride in round the clock availability, prompt response and same day admissions, including evenings, weekends and holidays. St. Croix Hospice’s expert care team includes physicians, nurses, hospice aides, social workers, dietitians, chaplains, and bereavement counselors, as well as physical, occupational, speech, music and massage therapists.

This is the first year for St. Croix Hospice to be part of Health Fair 11 at the Fair.

Minnesota Board on Aging - Caregiving

This year the MN Board on Aging (MBA) will focus on caregiving, something many people do for others without even realizing it. The MBA is the gateway to services for older Minnesotans and their families. MBA listens to their concerns, researches for solutions and proposes policy to address the needs of older adults.

The MBA administers funds from the Older Americans Act that provide a spectrum of services to older adults, including Senior LinkAge Line®, insurance counseling and much more.

ROCK Twin Cities  - Gluten-free Fair Foods List & Celiac Disease Education

ROCK (Raising Our Celiac Kids) Twin Cities, a 501(c)(3) organization will be back again with their Gluten Free Awareness Booth in the Heath Fair 11 building. ROCK – TC has become a fundamental part of Minnesota’s health community, providing essential information for people navigating through their Celiac and gluten-free lifestyle and providing opportunities for children and families with Celiac Disease. 

Inside the booth, fairgoers can play the widely popular "Gluten Free Jeopardy" game, testing their knowledge of Celiac and the gluten free lifestyle. They offer a plethora of information through  volunteers as well as the Gluten Free Foods At The Fair list that is compiled by ROCK Twin Cites each year.  This resource provides a life line to all of those state fair guests, who live a gluten free life style to still be able to enjoy the whole Minnesota State Fair experience without worry. The Gluten Free Foods At The Fair List can be found at any information booth and at the Twin Cities ROCK Booth, located inside the Health Fair 11 Building. Check out their Face Book at Twin Cites ROCK or their website www.twincitiesrock.org

OBGYN West   - Women’s Health Education & Breastfeeding Rooms 

Nursing mothers will find feeding their babies a bit easier this year with OBGYN West’s two Mothers’ Rooms.  OBGYN West’s exhibit space will provide private Mothers’ Rooms for women looking for a lactation friendly environment that supports mothers who choose to breastfeed. They will have a breast pump available for use.

OBGYN West is also offering unique hands-on experience of some high-tech medical devices including Intuitive Surgical’s da Vinci robotic operating system. It will be in the Health Fair 11 building August 24-27.  

OBGYN West is a longtime leader in women’s health in the Twin Cities west metro area. Its physicians are trained in virtually every type of OBGYN service and procedure including those for pregnancy, birth control, adolescence care, infertility, menopause, incontinence, sexual health, fibroids, pelvic pain, weight loss, physical therapy, and cancer screening. Its physicians also specialize in the latest minimally invasive procedure, lik the da Vinci surgical system.

OBGYN West has four clinic locations: Eden Prairie, Minnetonka, Chaska, and Cadonia, and service to  two hospitals: Fairview Southdale and Ridgeview Medical Center. Learn more at OBGYN West http://www.obgynwest.net/

Cub   - Weight Scale/BMI Measurements & Healthful Eating

 Cub returns to the Health Fair 11 building after taking a few years hiatus. Cub will be operating the official Health Fair 11 weight scale. Its teams of pharmacists, dietitians, and nutritionists will be on hand to provide information on BMI (body mass index) and how to maintain a healthy weight ratio thru diet and exercise.  Last year, 9,250 people stepped on the scale. Their combined weight was 1,511,150 pounds. That means the average weight of last year’s fair goer was 158.73 lbs.

Learn more about Cub at www.cub.com

Lions KidSight  – Preschool Vision Screenings

The goal of the Lions KidSight project is to provide free vision screening to children between the ages of 6 months and 6 years of age. This is a critical time in a child’s vision development where early detection of potential problems can help alleviate major problems with vision and learning.

The Lions screening process can detect far and near-sightedness, as well as blurred vision, strabismus (misaligned eyes) and other conditions that can cause amblyopia or “Lazy Eye” If not detected and treated early these conditions may lead to permanent vision problems.

The Lions believe that every child has a right to “See Clearly” and that is our goal to provide this screening to as many children as possible.

MVNA/Hennepin Healthcare  – Flu Vaccinations

Thousands of fair goers are making ‘flu shots’ part of their annual routine. Nurses with MVNA and Hennepin Healthcare are ready to help you avoid getting the flu. Staff will offer seasonal flu vaccinations 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. daily.  Nurses will vaccinate anyone age three or older. It’s a perfect time to vaccinate the entire family before sending them back to school or off to college. If available, high dose vaccine will be offered to people over the age of 65. Be sure to bring along insurance cards or other proof of insurance

Open Cities Health Center    - Glucose (Blood Sugar) Checks

New to the Health Fair 11  fair line-up is Open Cities Health Center. Team members will be providing blood glucose screenings as well as education on diabetes management.

OCHC’s care coordinators manage dedicated patient care teams and maintain ongoing relationships. In addition, their health navigators work 1:1 with community members and patients to provide support services, case management, MNSure enrollment, and follow-up support.

OCHC’s emphasis on mission-oriented adaptability makes us a trusted, effective nonprofit community health center. As OCHC continues to grow and provide affordable, culturally tailored programs and services, it remains true to the stewardship of its original founders who wanted to create justice and equality through healthcare.

United Family Medicine – Blood Pressure Checks

United Family Medicine (UFM) team members will be providing blood pressure screenings as well as education on managing high blood pressure.

United Family Medicine (UFM) is an independent, nonprofit provider of primary health care, physician training, health promotion and outreach services. Continuing its 70-year old mission, they strive to meet the needs of the medically uninsured, under insured, and undeserved residents of St. Paul. Though they serve people of all income levels, they believe in healthy communities.

People who stop by to get their blood pressure check will receive a small first aid kit. Learn more about UFM at https://unitedfamilymedicine.org/

UCare  – Health Insurance Information & Bag Giveaway 

A trip to the Fair would not be complete without a new tote bag from UCare. Stop by at the top of every hour for an opportunity to claim a UCare bag to transport all the other Fair freebies. 

UCare will also provide a prime photo opportunity for your family and friends. Hop on boat their one-of-a-kind five-seater bike. It’s the same one used in their TV commercials, social media posts, and print ads.

UCare is an independent, nonprofit health plan providing health coverage and services to Minnesotans across the state. Working in partnership with health care providers and community organizations, UCare serves: 

  • Individuals and families choosing health coverage through MNsure, the new insurance marketplace
  • Medicare-eligible individuals
  • Individuals and families enrolled in Minnesota Health Care Programs, such as MinnesotaCare and Medical Assistance
  • Adults with disabilities

Be sure to thank UCare for being an official sponsor of Health Fair 11. Their support makes Health Fair 11 at the Fair possible.

Limited time opportunities 
On designated days, fair attendees can learn about:

Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance - Brain Injury & Concussion Education 

The Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance it is a statewide nonprofit dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for Minnesotans affected by brain injury. Over the decades, the Alliance has developed from an advocacy driven organization, to one that focuses on both advocacy and direct service. August 26-28.

National Kidney Foundation  - Kidney Disease Treatment and EducationThe National Kidney Foundation is the leading volunteer-led, nonprofit health organization, dedicated to preventing kidney disease, improving the health and well-being of individuals and families affected by kidney disease and increasing th
e availability of all organs for transplantation. Stop by to learn about support groups based in Minnesota, drug discount programs, and diet management tips for people living with chronic kidney disease. August 26-28.

Sickle Cell Services of Minnesota  Sickle Cell Anemia EducationSickle Cell Foundation of MN (SCFMN) is the only active sickle cell community-based organization in the state of Minnesota. The not-for-profit organization’s mission is to improve the lives of individuals and communities affected by sickle cell disease through education, advocacy, access to resources, and community empowerment. The group provides education, support, advocacy and exposure to Sickle Cell Disease as well as give a face, a voice, and a purpose to a little-known community.  September 1-2.

PanCAN Minnesota  -  Pancreatic Cancer AwarenessThe Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PanCAN) is a nationwide network of people dedicating to working together to advance research, support patients and create hope for those affected by pancreatic cancer. Pancreatic cancer is the fourth leading cause of cancer death in the United States. This year, nearly 44,000 Americans will be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and more than 37,000 will die from it. Learn about resources available in Minnesota. August 29-30.

Leafline Labs    - Minnesota’s Medical Cannabis Industry

Minnesota is one of several states that has approved the use of medical cannabis. However, there’s widespread confusion over who is eligible for using it. If you’re one of the thousands of people with questions about medical marijuana (but are afraid to ask) here’s your opportunity. 

LeafLine Labs is a leading provider of care, manufacturer, and distributor of medical cannabis in Minnesota. It is devoted to meeting the needs of patients who are in need of medical treatment involving cannabis.   August 22-25

About Health Fair 11 

Health Fair 11 coordinates Health Fair 11 at the Fair. Health Fair 11 is a nonprofit organization with a mission to provide health education and free or low-cost health screenings. Health Fair 11 operates with support from UCare and KARE 11 TV. Learn more about becoming an official sponsor of our organization and about other programs at www.HealthFair11.org .