WAYZATA, Minn. -- Sugar can be a dirty word for people concerned about nutrition. One kind of sugar, the kind that comes in fruit, is getting a bad rap, according to GetHealthyU's Chris Freytag.

Chris says added sugars and white processed carbs are something to be concerned about. Sugar added into processed foods is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, which can spike your insulin.

Sugar that occurs naturally in fruit does not have the same effect on the body. Fruits contain sugar, and also fiber, which leads to slower absorption in the body. That means no insulin spike. Fruit can also curb sweet cravings while the fiber tames hunger pangs.

Summer brings you a great opportunity to enjoy fresh fruit in abundance. Chris recommends shopping at stores that sell in bulk, Costco and Sam's Club. They are adding lots of fresh, organic fruit at competitive prices.

Support your local farmer. If you can't get to an orchard or farm, hit the farmers markets that are numerous this time of year. You'll find the freshest fruits and vegetables grown nearby. Make sure you talk to the farmer directly to ensure their product is locally produced.

Shop seasonal. Apples might not be in season in May or June here in the Midwest, but berries are. Fruits purchased in season are generally cheaper and taste better.

What about winter? Your options are limited locally (hello apples) or you are eating fruit that is shipped in from hundreds if not thousands of miles away. Chris says consider buying frozen fruit. Fruit frozen when it's freshly picked can be just as nutritious and can make a great addition to your smoothie.