Do you spend your workday sitting at a desk? If your answer is yes, you may experience hip and back pain. Oversitting can cause as much damage as over-extending during a workout. But there are some ways to help relieve that "pinch."

Get Healthy U's Chris Freytag gave us these suggestions to stay limber at work:

Basic hip roll:

Stand up at your desk and lift one leg at a time, rotating it in a circular motion.

Cat/Cow poses:

Using your desk as support, raise and lower your tailbone to help stretch your back. In the "cat" pose, your tailbone moves up towards the ceiling. Then, roll your hips in towards your body for a "cow" pose.

Chair stretches:

Your chair can be your greatest stretching tool! Twist side-to-side and use the back of your chair to pull into the stretch. You can also reach your arms behind you and clasp your hands behind your chair back.

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