EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. - A person at Central Middle School in Eden Prairie has been diagnosed with Tuberculosis, or TB, according to an email sent to district parents Wednesday afternoon.

The email from Principal Nate Swenson states the Hennepin County Department of Health confirmed a single case of TB and that the individual is currently receiving treatment. The email states the health department informed the district in mid-January that an individual at CMS had the airborne disease.

"Hennepin County Public Health’s recommendations are based on doing everything they can to contain TB and limit the risk of exposure to others. That includes waiting to notify others who may have had exposure until TB can be detected through a screening test," Swenson said in the email.

"Although it is highly unlikely that any additional active cases of TB will be found, Hennepin County has dealt with similar situations on many occasions. We will continue to partner with them and follow their guidelines to ensure the safety of our students and staff members," he added in the email.

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The email is not clear as to whether the person diagnosed with TB is a student, faculty or staff member. The department of health says approximately 100 people may have had prolonged exposure to the bacteria and will require additional screening.

The Minnesota Department of Health reports there are about 150 new cases of TB each year in the state. Dave Johnson, of Hennepin County Public Health, reports about 50-60 new cases per year.