National Public Radio partnered with PBS this summer to do a survey about us, you and me, as Americans -- and it asked us about how much we trust our institutions.

Sixty-eight percent of people said they don't trust Congress or the media.

So a team here at home, American Public Media, did a survey, too -- with only Minnesotans. They asked similar questions about how much we trust our institutions.

Jana Shortal sat down with APM research analyst Craig Helmstetter to walk through the findings.

Some, like 76 percent of respondents trusting police to do what's right, seemed positive. But when you break that number down, it reveals a big gap.

In areas of Minnesota, that number was as high as 81 percent, but in the metro area, it was down to 47 percent.

The racial gap was just as wide: with 41 percent for blacks and 79 percent for whites.

Minnesotans were also divided when they were asked about the media. Statewide, 43 percent said they trust the news media to do what's right.

But while 51 percent said they trust the media in the metro area, only 31 percent agreed in northern Minnesota.

There's an even starker difference when it comes to political affiliation. Roughly 22 percent of Republicans trust the media, versus 60 percent of Democrats, according to the survey.