Recent video of a BMW driver crashing into a New York school bus while passing a car has sparked online debate as to who is really at fault for the wreck.

The dashcam video, uploaded to YouTube by ‘T M26,' shows a BMW driver honking at the car in front of him to go faster. The car with the dashcam maintains speed, giving plenty of distance for the school bus in front.

Eventually the drivers approach a yellow light turning red, and both gun it just as they turn onto a road that has only one lane. The BMW has nowhere to go, so it ends up colliding with a barricade and then the school bus.

There did not appear to be any serious injuries.

"The more times I watch this, the more it looks like the dashcam owner purposefully sped up to the block the BMW from getting into the lane," intensely_human wrote on Reddit.

"Even if he did, the BMW driver is still at fault for pulling a stupid stunt like that. obviously you're a bad driver," ermac13 responded.

What do you think? Watch below...

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