ST. PAUL- Hundreds of women gathered at the state capitol Thursday for International Women's Day.

The DFL-led rally included renewed support for an Equal Rights Amendment and calls to add gender equality to the Minnesota Constitution.

Carol Robertson, 102-years-old, was among the crowd. The St. Paul native who turns 103 next month said she will continue press for progress. “I have been doing this sort of thing – gosh for a 100 years it seems. I have been happy about the advancements but I want to be sure we don't go back to those days,” Robertson said. “The only job in my youth you could get was teaching or nursing. We couldn't vote. We couldn't have charge accounts. We couldn't have bank accounts. The woman’s place was in the home.”

Meanwhile, women around the world made their voices heard for International Women's Day.

In Spain, women held a bike protest in Madrid. It was one of many events to highlight discrimination and harassment against women.

In China, women dressed in pink and purple shirts and marched. Their message was for better labor conditions.

And the Golden Arches at McDonalds were upside down. About 100 McDonald’s restaurants around the U.S. featured upside down golden arches on packaging, placemats, caps and inside the stores. The change made the 'M' look like a 'W' for women.