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How Minnesota fails kids with histories of aggression while failing the public

Read KARE 11's investigation so far.

Brandon Stahl (KARE11), Lauren Leamanczyk, Steve Eckert

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Published: 12:51 PM CST February 27, 2023
Updated: 12:51 PM CST February 27, 2023

In the wake of George Floyd’s murder and the COVID-19 pandemic, violent crime spiked in the metro. And often, those crimes were committed by kids, leaving a trail of victims traumatized and young lives forever altered.

We wanted to understand what was driving that increase. KARE 11 journalists Brandon Stahl and Lauren Leamanczyk embarked on a year-long investigation into Minnesota’s juvenile justice system, uncovering a myriad of failures to protect the public and rehabilitate youth. 

Our stories so far:

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