MINNEAPOLIS - If you're ready for winter to be over, you're not the only one.

Nearly everyone at the Minneapolis Home and Garden Show feels the same way.

Organizers say it was the latest show they've ever had, thanks to the Super Bowl pushing things back for them.

However, they aren't the only ones who are getting a late start this year.

"When we get snow like this it just slows things down," landscape designer Paul Mayhew says.

Landscapers say the season is basically on hold right now until the ground thaws.

At Mickman Brothers, they're pretty much booked solid until May, but Mayhew says they probably won't be able to break ground for a few weeks yet.

"I was going to start a project literally on Monday. I'm pretty sure that's not going to happen now."

Margaret Munson says most years they would already be working on projects by now.

She says crews at Landstyle Design and Construction are itching to get back to work.

"We kind of got cut off short when the winter started too. We're still finishing up some of that work as soon as the frost is out," Munson explains.

Landscapers say the season can start as early as mid-March, but can go as late as early-May.

They say this season probably won't be the latest start they've seen, but it'll be quite a bit later than usual.

"We are a very weather dependent industry," Mayhew says.

Many home building companies are also seeing setbacks this Spring.

Lee Bergum is the district sales manager at Energy Panel Structures.

He says their season is probably two to three weeks behind as well.

"Usually we're in the ground by now. Hopefully in the next couple weeks things will start breaking loose," Bergum says.

Designers are asking buyers to be patient this season.

They're also encouraging potential customers to get their plans ready as soon as possible so that crews can start working as soon as the snow melts.

"It's a phenomenal time for planning," Munson explains. "I would say for new projects, early to mid-May is what our timeline looks like right now for when we can get started on your project."

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