MINNEAPOLIS - There are at least 200 people including children living at the homeless encampment in Minneapolis.

Each individual in the encampment has their own individual set of circumstances as to how the ended up living there.

Photojournalist Ben Garvin spent two days with the men, women & children at the homeless encampment in Minneapolis to give them a chance to tell their story.

If you are looking to help people in the encampment the following are organizations that you can reach out to:

  • Valhalla Place helps individuals struggling with mental illness and addiction. They can be contacted at stephanied@valhallaplace.com
  • The Franklin Hiawatha Camp organization has a discretionary fund you can donate that benefits individuals in the encanpment.
  • MIWRC empowers American Indian women and families while advocating for justice and equity.
  • Gichitwaa Kateri Catholic Church is taking non-perishable food and water. Their address is 3045 Park Ave. Minneapolis 55407.